California Lottery Rabbit Foot Factory

California Lottery is promoting Red Hot 7s Scratchers in “Rabbit Foot Factory”, a television commercial featuring freedom-loving rabbits. With 16 chances to win per ticket, there is no longer any need for further production of cruel talismans.

Rabbit Foot Factory escape

Click on the image below to play the Rabbit Foot Factory video.

Rabbit Foot Factory Credits

The Rabbit Foot Factory ad was developed at David&Goliath, Los Angeles, by chief creative officer David Angelo, creative directors/copywriters John Battle and Jason Karley, associate creative director/art director Phil Covitz, managing partner/director of client services Brian Dunbar, account director Stacia Parseghian and account supervisor Janet Wang, associate creative director/copywriter Jeff Mullen, art director Todd Rone Parker, executive producer Carol Lombard and producer Letitica Martinez.

Animation was produced at Superfad, Seattle / New York / Los Angeles, by executive producer Kevin Batten, director of photography Byron Werner, VFX producer Raphael Protti, head of production Darren Jaffe, producer Danielle Hazan, lighting technical director Raphael Protti, lighting technical director/modeler Stuart Scanlon, lighting technical director/previs producer Yas Koyama, 3D modeler Rommel Calderon, 3D particles producer Tim Kadawaki, 3D artist Andrew Soria, compositors Claudia Yi Leon and Sandy Chang, matte painter Thom Price, rabbit fur producer Pedram Shohadai, character animator Ian Mankowski, Flame artist Matt Lydecker and editor Jeff Jenkins.

Sound was designed at Massive Music by producer Jessica Entner, sound designers Chris Campanaro and Scott Cymbala. Music was produced at Beacon Street, with music by composer Andrew Feltenstein.

See the making-of video.