Bupa Find a Healthier You

Australian healthcare insurance group Bupa, bringing together three state based services HBA, MBF and Mutual Community, is running “The Moment”, an advertising campaign following what appear to be six pairs of siblings reunited after a significant time apart. The ads reveal that these characters are in fact meeting themselves. Each character had a back-story created in order to present a range of ages and health issues across the campaign. The tagline reads: “What would you do if you met the healthier version of yourself?” ‘The Moment’ consists of a 90-second and 30-second TV campaign, a print campaign and online banners.

BUPA Healthier you

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Clemenger BBDO Melbourne Executive Creative Director, Ant Keogh (left) says the shoot for The Moment was complex: “Each actor also played their twin, so a body-double was used as a reference point during each take, they would then swap places and shoot the action again. Director Steve Rogers had to make sure he could marry everything up seamlessly during post production and more importantly get a great performance despite the special effects. “Subtle differences between the unhealthy and the healthy characters were created by makeup and prosthetic specialists,” he said.


The Healthier You campaign was developed at Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne, by executive creative director Ant Keogh, copywriters Andre Hull and Richard Williams, art directors Lee Sunter and Anthony Phillips, agency producer Sevda Cemo, executive planning director Paul Rees-Jones, senior planner Michael Hyde, general manager Chris Howatson, account director Kirsten Darbyshire, account manager Lesley Silverstone, working with Bupa director group development Mark Engel, general manager strategy & transformation Miles Callaghan, head of brand marketing Andrew Smith, head of marketing services Alison Wild, brand marketing execution managers Sue Brailsford and Carly Nankin.

Filming was shot by director Steve Rogers via Revolver with director of photography Russell Boyd, executive producer Michael Ritchie and producer Pip Smart.

Editor was Alexandre de Franceschi at Guillotine, Sydney. Post production was done at Animal Logic by Flame artists/compositors Murray Smallwood, Yann Doray, Alex Ortoll, Jess Burnheim, Ben Ying, Guido Wolter, special effects supervisor Kirsty Millar, and producer Sarah Hiddlestone.

Music was composed and arranged by Jojo Petrina, produced at Electric Dreams and Level Two Music. Sound was designed by Paul LeCouteur at Flagstaff Studios.

  • TurkeyTime

    Thank you for naming all the individuals I should direct my hatemail to.

  • Mattt James

    I find this post extremely distressing. They are white collar criminals who are on a wild ransacking spree, itching to move in on Medicare so they can run it in the ground and play their power trip over the health system, while robbing innocent people money and sucking precious funds from the government. Disgusting, they intimidate the media, they have intimidated me.

    • Matt James

      One more thing, the twins theme has a creepy hidden irony to it. Bupa panel nurses almost suceeded in forcing a mother during the birth of the twins to go on with a ‘natural’ birth despite this meaning almost certain death for the 2 children ie. they were forcing a double still birth. A doctor clearly enraged by this stepped defying their demands to force a C-section in order to save the babies. A belligerent Bupa refused to pay any money to the poor mother or her parents. Why enforce such monstrosity? C-section cost more money. Do not take my word for it, please read the link, thanks.