Bundaberg Clear Character No Nancy Drink

Bundaberg is promoting Bundaberg Five White Rum in “Clear Character”, a television commercial set in an underground of cool. Emulating an 80’s music video, the TV spot features a young twenty something man walking into a drab bar looking for a good strong drink. As soon as he’s about to make his choice, a soul singing bartender in a white tux swoops in to show him the magical cool world of Bundaberg Five White Rum. The campaign was introduced to Bundy Rum fans on Facebook the week before its launch on YouTube and television. Feedback from viewers on YouTube and on the Bundy Rum Facebook page is mixed.

Bundaberg Clear Character

Click on the image below to play the Cool Character video.


You in the club with your homies, bunch of players
Blandness all around you, so damn boring
Make the call, you want it all
Head to the bar, it’s not that far
To buy a round, you’re generous
But then it hits you, feel it on the air
This ain’t you man, you’re a maverick
You want it all, you like it raw
Time to get some, get it player

Ain’t no poser’s drink, it’s a player’s drink
Ain’t no boy band drink! It’s a manly drink
Ain’t no dandy drink, it’s a maverick’s drink
Ain’t no poser’s drink…

Pick up your drink, so heavy
Take a sip, oh gosh damn
What’s that you see? That’s a fountain
Your tongue is dancin’, in your mouth
You can’t believe it and you laugh out loud, tastes amazing
Problem solved, like algebra
You got a clear drink, mucho-macho, 5 times filtered
Ooh-so-transluso, no more blandness for yoooooouuuuuuuuuu

Clear Character Credits

The Clear Character campaign was developed at Leo Burnett Sydney by executive creative director/copywriter/art director Andy DiLallo, creative director/copywriter/art director Tim Green, copywriter/art director Rupert Taylor, agency producer Rita Gagliardi, client service director Peter Bosilkovski, account director Jodi McLeod, senior account manager Sam McGown, planner Warwick Heathwood, working with Bundaberg marketing manager Matt Bruhn.

Filming was shot by director Tom Kuntz via MJZ, Los Angeles, with director of photography Alwin Kuchler, executive producers Jeff Scruton and David Zander, production designer Andy Reznik and art director Josh Locy.

Sound and music were produced at Song Zu, Sydney, by music director/composer Ramesh Sathiah, sound designer Abigail Sie. Words for the song, sung by Christo´╗┐ Alexander, were written by Rupert Taylor, Tim Green and Andy DiLallo, with music by Ramesh Sathiah and Nathan Cavaleri, produced by Larissa Coupe.

Post production was done at The Mill, Los Angeles, by FX supervisor/shoot supervisor Phil Crowe, CG supervisor Josh Hatton, , compositing supervisor Sarah Eim, CG supervisor Gawain Liddiard, producers Arielle Davis and Melanie Wickham. Editor was Gavin Cutler at Mackenzie Cutler.