Bund Every 60 Seconds

Bund, Friends of the Earth in Germany, ran a print advertising campaign using endangered animals caught between the minute hand and hour hand on clocks to remind readers that every 60 seconds a species dies out. “Alle 60 sekunden stirbte eine art aus”. The campaign, Brown Bear (Bar), Grey Seal (Robbe) and Gorilla, won a Gold Press Lion for Illustration at Cannes International Festival of Creativity. “Each minute counts. Each donation helps. Bund.net”.

Bund Brown Bear

Bund Grey Seal

Bund Gorilla


The Every 60 Seconds campaign was developed at Scholz & Friends, Berlin, by chief creative officer Martin Pross, executive creative director Matthias Spaetgens, creative directors Florian Schwalme, Mathias Rebmann, art directors Ksenia Slavcheva, René Gebhardt, Björn Kernspeckt, account managers Christine Scharney, Susanne Kieck, graphic designer Sebastian Frese, with illustration by Peppermill Berlin,