Bulmers Cider Best Over Ice

Bulmers Cider is being promoted in Australia by Fosters Group as the drink to have with ice in a print advertising campaign with references to the sinking of the Titanic, the Ice Age, the Tonya Harding ice skating fiasco, and Disney on Ice (cyrogenics). Solid pieces of ice, sitting on the bar beside a bottle and glass of Bulmers Cider, are designed to give us the message. “Ice hasn’t caused an impact like this since the Titanic”. “If Bulmers had been invented in the Ice Age, dinosaurs might have stuck around.” “Not since Tonya Harding have we seen humans go so crazy over ice”. “Quick Thaw Walt Disney we’ve found a better use for the ice.”

Bulmers Impact The Titanic

Bulmers Ice Age - The Dinosaurs

Bulmers Tonya Harding

Bulmers Walt Disney


The Best Over Ice campaign was developed at Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne, by creative chairman James McGrath, executive creative director Ant Keogh, creative directors Julian Schreiber and Tom Martin, creatives Paul Reardon and Simon Bagnasco, group account director Paul Mcmillan, photographer David Rosendale, retoucher Mike McCall, senior account director Brett Williams, and account manager Elizabeth Bierre.