Buick Your Kind of Luxury

General Motors is making a bid to define its upscale Buick brand with a campaign, “Your kind of luxury”. Kevin Bacon provides the voiceover for “Brand Anthem: What Matters to Buick”, a television commercial exploring ways in which people find meaning in their lives. The ad begins with excerpts from a poem by Michael Josephson, “What Will Matter”. “A life of meaning and happiness – that’s the greatest luxury of all”. The commercial continues to position Buick as a successful stable brand for affluent people who don’t want to flaunt their success. Buicks make “vehicles of substance and quality, with a look and feel that says, ‘Come as you are.’ This isn’t luxury the way you’ve always known it. It’s luxury the way it should be – your kind of luxury.”

Buick in the Rain

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The Luxury campaign was developed at Leo Burnett, Detroit.

“What will matter” is by Michael Josephson from the Josephson Institute.

Music is by Waverland.

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