Bud Light Product Placement

Bud Light is presented as the ultimate product placement in its own commercial aired at the 2011 Super Bowl. A film director on set is is concerned about the level of product placement in the film. Brush X Cleaning Solution doesn’t fit too well in period piece focused on knights and castles. However when the director discovers the kick backs he braces himself for a new level of engagement. “Here we go”, he says, as the film lurches into Bud Light territory.

Bud Light Product Placement

Click on the image below to play the Bud Light Product Placement video.


The Product Placement ad was developed at DDB Chicago by creative directors Mark Gross and Chuck Rachford, creatives Brian Fink and Chad Broude, producer Will St. Clair, account director JT Mapel.

Filming was shot by director Baker Smith via Harvest Films with executive producer Bonnie Goldfarb, producers Rob Sexton and Laure Stevens. Editor was John Smith at The Whitehouse Post, Chicago.

Post production/VFX was done at The Mill, New York, by executive producer Verity Grantham, VFX producers Dan Roberts and Claudia Guevara (color), shoot supervisor Tim Davies, 2D lead artists Tristian Wake, 2D artists Iwan Zwarts, Dan Williams, Xavier Fourmond, Pete Armante, Randy McEntee, assist team Patrick Mahoney, Jeanette Williford, Brian Houlihan, Robert Bruce, Albert Cook, Jade Kim, and colorist Fergus McCall.