Brooks Brothers Holiday Miracle

Brooks Brothers, the American apparel retailer, is running “Holiday Miracle”, a commercial featuring cashmere-clad lambs singing “Jingle Bells”.The Holiday Miracle web film appears on the Brooks Brothers website, on Youtube and in New York City taxicabs.

Brooks Brothers lambs in Holiday Miracle film

“Holiday Miracle” opens with Brooks Brothers’ iconic “Golden Fleece” logo and super “Happy Holidays.” We cut to a group of seven lambs with Brooks Brothers sweaters and scarves tied around their necks, beginning their performance of “Jingle Bells.” The childlike voices are brought to life by the adorable lambs through their swaying movements and bashful eye contact, much like a children’s holiday pageant. As the center lamb belts out the final notes of its solo verse we see the super above, reading, “Before there was Jingle Bells, there was Brooks Brothers.” Click on the image below to play the video.

Established in 1818, Brooks Brothers is America’s oldest apparel retailer. Jingle Bells was composed in 1857.

Holiday Miracle Credits

The Holiday Miracle campaign was developed at Brooks Brothers by EVP Direct and Omni-Channel Ken Seiff, senior art director, interactive series Camila Hori, VP of Global PR Arthur Wayne, manager of web content Jason Nickel.

Filming was shot by director Lena Beug via Moxie Pictures, Bicoastal/London, with executive producers Dan Levinson and Karol Zeno.

Post production was done at Brewster Parsons, Los Angeles, by editor Brett Nicoletti, Flame lead Andrew Eksner, CG team Kevin Jackson and Tikibot, executive producer Darcy Parsons.

Music was produced at Search Party Music by composer Eric Stamile and producer Meghan Currier.