Bridgestone Tire Safety Wall

Bridgestone Middle East recently worked with Impact BBDO to create tyre safety barriers for roads in Lebanon. Traffic accidents claim over 700 lives in Lebanon every year, and over 10,000 related injuries – one of the worst records in the Middle East. Bridgestone wanted to raise awareness for road safety and its tyres. But how do you get the attention of people who don’t even pay attention to the road regulations? Impact BBDO came up with an idea that revolved around tyres: a tyre safety barrier. It would not only make people more aware about driving safely, but also about Bridgestone. Conforming to the tyre wall designs made by the Motor Racing Authorities, Impact BBDO placed hundreds of used tyres at one of the most accident-prone areas in the country.

Bridgestone Tire Wall

With the help of Greater Lebanon Municipality, Bridgestone turned one of the most dangerous corners into a safe zone. Road and traffic authorities approached Bridgestone to expand the safety programme nationwide. Accidents are down 64% in comparison to last year’s figures for the same period. Extensive media coverage of the unique event has helped improve awareness. But more importantly, people are slowing down on the highway – even if it’s just to see and read the message. Proof that Bridgestone tyres do make roads safer. The campaign has been expanded with a print advertising series featuring a snowy road and a clifftop hairpin bend.

Bridgestone Tire Wall

Bridgestone Tire Wall Snowy Road

Bridgestone Tire Wall Cliff


The Bridgestone Safety Barriers campaign was developed at Impact BBDO, Dubai, UAE, by executive creative director Fouad Abdel Malak, creative director Amit Kapoor, associate creative director Dinesh Tharippa, copywriter Amit Kapoor, art director Dinesh Tharippa, account director Omar Sadek. Stock images for the print campaign were accessed from Corbis Images and Photolibrary were retouched at Procolor, Singapore.

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