Blush Lingerie Jumpstart

Blush Berlin, the lingerie company, used the jump start (Starthilfe) as its theme for the winter sale. 30 meters of jumpstart cable were used to produce a handmade poster. In Berlin’s coldest winter Blush offers a jump start for frozen emotions: lingerie that heats you up, gets your engine running again.

Blush Jumper Leads

Click on the image below to play the Jumpstart Making-of video in YouTube (HD)


The Jumpstart poster was developed at Glow, Berlin, by creative director Johannes Krempl and copywriter Attila Föglein, with artist Lea Brousse and photographer Chris Hodbod.

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  1. Pretty cool ad. Now I know why in recent years, Berlin has once again become a center for innovation

  2. Lingerie says:

    I think the logo of this company is creative. Because of the logo they will sell their lingerie a lot.

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