Bespoke Prosthetic Designs

Bespoke Innovations in San Francisco is developing a reputation for stylised prosthetics for amputees. Custom-built legs come with a choice of fairings suitable for sport, mountain biking, skateboarding, social gatherings and motorcycling. The legs are built with a specialized scanning system designed to create a fully 3D model of an amputee’s prosthetic leg, the basis for a beautiful, unique fairing to cover the prosthetic.

Bespoke Deb with Style Fairing

Bespoke Innovations Co-Founder Scott Summit explains how the mantra “form follows function” has been contorted into the idea “form follows mechanical function.” According to Summit, this change has allowed product designers to think they have a free reign to create clunky and purely utilitarian designs. Summit relates how Bespoke works to counter this idea when designing prosthetic legs that possess greater form and artistry. Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

Bespoke Chad with Skateboard Fairing

Bespoke Chad with Skateboard Fairing

Bespoke Chad with Mountain Bike Fairing

Bespoke Chad with Sport Fairing

Bespoke James with Motorcycle Fairing

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