Become a Cop in Street Art

Street artist, Otis Frizzell, has captured a moment from four true NZ Police stories and stencilled each one on a wall near the site where events unfolded. “You too can do something extraordinary. Become a cop.“. In Cuba St Mall, Wellington, a woman stands protectively over a child, with a dark shadow looming over them, representing Kylie Schaare’s case work that led to the conviction of a man who had been abusing his own children and many others. In K Road, Auckland, a foot chase scene represents the work of constables Julia Vahry and Madeline Roberts as they carry out a “pincer” operation. Constable Nao Yoshimizu was on hand during the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake to provide support for the families and friends of the 28 Japanese students killed in the CTV building collapse. On 399 Montreal Street in Christchurch a two figures tell the story of Constable Spence Kingi who helped people escape the rubble of the February 22 2011 earthquake.

NZ Police Kylie street art

NZ Police Julia and Madeline street art

NZ Police Nao Yoshimizu street art

NZ Police Spence street art


The Become a Cop campaign was developed at M&C Saatchi, Auckland, by executive creative director Dave King, art directors James Bowman, Rene Van Wonderen, copywriter Nicci Doak, agency producer Nick Barnes, illustrator Otis Frizzell, artist Woody, account team Christina Mossaidis and Lizzie Yates.

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