Beats by Dre Colors

The Beats by Dre Studio headphones, previously available in black or white, is now available in red, orange, green, pink, purple and blue. Dr Dre appears in the Beats by Dre Colors commercial, throwing balloons full of paint at a range of models and media personalities, including DJ Mia, pro skater Justin Eldridge, lifestyle blogger Levi Maestro and Beats model Vildane Zeneli. Music is “Me & You” by Nero, from the Welcome Reality album, available on iTunes. Nero recently gave a live performance at the recently opened Beats Pop-Up store in New York. The commercial coincides with the release of the Beats by Dre (Red) participation in the World AIDS Day Product Red Quilt project.

Beats by Dre Blue

Click on the image below to play the Beats by Dre Colors video.

Beats by Dre
Beats by Dre Pink - DJ Mia

DJ Mia: A breakout DJ and dancer featured on America’s Best Dance Crew

Beats by Dre Orange Justin Eldridge

Justin Eldridge: A member of Spike Jonze’s skateboard team, Justin is a pro skater with swag and style all his own.

Beats by Dre Red Levi Maestro

Levi Maestro: A popular lifestyle blogger with his own online show, Levi produces, writes, and creates content that is all his own.

Beats by Dre Red Vildane Zeneli

Vildane Zeneli: Our famous Beats model has graced over 2 million Beats By Dr. Dre boxes.

Beats by Dre Blue
Beats by Dre Green
Beats by Dre Colors
Beats by Dre (Red) Quilt panel

Beats by Dre Colors Credits

The Beats by Dre Colors commercial was filmed by director Rich Lee via DNA. Editing was done at Sunset Edit.

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