West Melbourne digital design agency A Bit Like This have launched a clever and cost-free way for the online community (advertisers, agencies and media shops) to show visible support for those affected by the devastating Japanese Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami. Banner+Aid is a not-for-profit messaging tool which allocates it’s messages to a current and visible cause, by offering a direct link through to a donation page or other relevant information areas from within existing online display banners.

Banner Aid Nissan banner

A regular flash banner uploaded to the service is processed and outputted for download with a small icon layer carrying the messaging for the cause of the day. The layer expands to fill the available banner space on rollover displaying a simple message for that cause, with the banner clients name and offers an opportunity to link to a donation page or other cause related destination.

The additional layer does not affect the existing messaging, animation, click through or interaction within the original banner that was uploaded in most cases. The total extra file eight of the processed banner is around 6kb.

Formats supported are all standard IAB sizes (300×250 MREC, 160×600 Widesky, 120×600 Sky, 468×60 standard banner and 420×600 Monster). Anybody advertising online can upload and process a banner to contain the added layer by visiting, and use the updated outputted banner to replace existing trafficked banner ads OR as a final step before trafficking a new banner.

See a working example here: