Axe Xmas Kisser

Unilever is running “Axe Xmas Kisser”, Facebook app designed to help guys celebrate Christmas the Axe way and share a Christmas Kiss with AXE Mistletoe. The app allows guys to upload their photo under the mistletoe and send out a virtual kiss to their favourite girls. These girls are then invited to make his Christmas by uploading their photo and return the kiss. The app lives on its own Facebook page,, and is supported by local AXE Facebook pages.

Axe Xmas Kisser


The Xmas Kisser campaign was developed at BBH Singapore by executive creative director Steve Elrick, creative director Pete Callaghan, copywriters Dave Thackray and Rob Kleman, art director Hoon Pin Kek, producer Amy Wong and account manager Rachel Kornafel.

Web development was by Avantworks.

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