Axe Jumpman Smells Sweet Not Sweaty

Unilever is running “Smell sweet not sweaty”, a regional integrated advertising campaign for deodorant brand Axe, combining films, print, web applications and a Facebook game. Central to the integrated campaign is a new television commercial ‘Jumpman’ featuring a basketball player in action on the court when an unexpected surprise from the effects of Axe gets him scoring, in more ways than one.
The Axe ‘Smell sweet not sweaty’ campaign is currently running in Indonesia and will soon run in several markets across the Asia Pacific region.

Axe Basketball poster

Click on the image below to play the sweet not sweaty video.

In the Facebook game ‘Axe Sweet Moves’, players begin by designing an avatar resembling themselves. They then get on the dance floor, where dance footsteps are matched using keyboard keys. When a player’s moves are impressive, girls appear on the dance floor. The aim of the game is to avoid B.O by spraying Axe on yourself when a can appears, while maintaining your dance moves, and attracting as many girls as possible to score the highest points.

Axe Sweet Moves Facebook game
Axe Pat Down poster

Sweet Not Sweaty Credits

The Smell Sweet Not Sweaty campaign was developed at BBH Asia Pacific by creative directors Peter Callaghan and Steve Elrick, creative team Paul Downs and Dave Thackaray, digital producers Amy Wong and Chris Wong, print producers Michelle Tan, Serene Chiu and Bettina Feng, TV producer Daphne Ng, business director David Webster, account manager Emah Zaini and account executive Alexandra Moore.

BBH creative director Peter Callaghan, gives some of the background to the concept. “The whole piece is based on a true story that actually happened to me, exactly like the commercial, except for the ball, the girls and the basketball thing. But otherwise, exactly. It’s like a documentary.”

Filming was shot by director Luis Gerard via Lime Production, Bangkok. Post production was done at Finito Films, Bangkok. Music was produced at A-Bomb Music, London, by composer Ed Bradshaw and sound designer Peter Challis. Sound was designed and mixed at The Gunnery, Singapore.

The print campaign was by photographer Matt Hoyle, with production at Redorfe Asia. The shoot required a crew of 50 to create the scaffolding and support for the harnessed talent.

The Sweet Moves game was produced at Activate, Singapore.