Australia Post Zing Your Thing

Australia Post has released “Zing Your Thing”, an advertising campaign designed to promote parcel services to small and medium businesses that trade online. The campaign, online at, uses “Zing”, a red furry ball that comes in any size, a metaphor representing the different products and services that small businesses may provide.

Australia Post Zing site

Click on the image below to play the Introducing Zing video in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Zing Yoga (Balanzing) video in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Zing Fashion video in YouTube

Click on the image below to play the Zing Bo video in YouTube


The Zing campaign was developed at Marmalade, Melbourne, by creative director Neil Mallet, creatives Frank Trobbiani and Brian Thacker, agency producer Beaver.

Filming was shot by director Trent O’Donnell via Jungleboys with director of photography Simon Chapman and producer Nicola Patterson

Digital work was by Amnesia Razorfish.

  • Sam Gough

    wow Aus post have gone right out ! good to see some different styles of marketing hitting the Aussie airwaves. Little lost on the message however – or am I too close to it – Everyone kind of knows the functions available – if they want to tap into more ecommerce venders its an interesting tactic.

  • Confused

    Oh Lordie. Did they not know what “Zing your Thing” means?

    It’s a rather naughty term referring to the use of hot peppers in, er, intimate relations.

  • Zing Your Thing

    Oh My God. They’re really using “Zing your Thing” as a SLOGAN? The BDSM term for smearing hot peppers on your girlfriend’s _____. Oh My God! You guys are PERVERTS in Australia.

  • jeffrey tobias

    I love this new marketing blockbuster advertising. It’s new, creative, and it has so much going for forever, thought of such great marketing tool. Good work or say fantastic, about time marketing and had a zing to it. Actually it’s about speed, and zing is that terminology.

    Zing zing, zoom zoom, you’ll find that you’re hummin an swayin’
    It’s more than a waltz
    For after it haltz, it lingers with you night and day,
    with this song in mind, your troubles you’ll find,
    zing, zing, an zoom, zoom away
    Get under a shower, an sing for an hour,
    you’ll feel like a million all day,
    for this Song is great, for takin off weight,
    zing, zing, an zoom zoom away