Australia Immigration Nation

Australia celebrates Australia Day today, with much of its celebration focusing on a multicultural society for all. It’s taken a long time to get to this point, as is revealed in the SBS documentary series, Immigration Nation. SBS ran a series of eye-catching and provocative press ads and television commercials to promote the series, reminding Australians about the “White Australia” policy in place from 1901 to 1973. Each delivery promises the dream, but adds conditions in small print or rapid speech that exclude people of colour.

SBS Immigration Nation Lucky Country print advertisement

SBS Immigration Nation Workers Paradise print advertisement

SBS Immigration Nation World War 2 print advertisement

SBS Immigration Nation Built on a Dream print advertisement

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The advertising campaign was developed at US Sydney by executive creative director Josh Moore, copywriter Nigel Clark, art director Tim Chenery, agency producer Sacha Moore, account director Alex Tracy, account manager Tim Stuart.

Filming was shot by director Simon Robson via Engine, Sydney, with producer Amelia Peacocke and executive producer Adam Wells, lead 2D animator Robert Grieves, animator Mark Pfann, 3D animators Shaun Schellings and Damien Mahoney, VFX artist Lee Sandiford.

Illustrator was Pete J McDonald. Typography was done by Luca Ionescu at Likeminded Studio.

Sound was designed by Tone Aston at Nylon Studios, Sydney.

  • Amazing graphics!

  • Michael

    Nice graphic treatment. Pity however that the series was riddled with inaccuracies, omissions and the product of both poor research and middle-class leftie dogma. It will all be quickly forgotten.

  • John

    Very interesting. It was great to hear that Australia was not conquered through democracy or the democratic process but through deception and trickery of our leaders against the overwhelming will of the Australian people. My faith in Australians has been restored. Bring back democracy and the will of the people before we become just another dumping ground for the third world.