AT&T LTE 4G Promoted

AT&T has released a series of television commercials promoting mobile phone deals that work on the new 4G LTE network. The 4G Blackberry Torch and the HTC Vivid appear in the hands of people who clearly have a lot of online networking to do. One of the characters, Matt, has become a hit with his appropriate response to the command, “Ignore me and keep updating your fantasy team.” “Huh?”. The AT&T LTE campaign includes three ads, “Responsibilities”, “National Tailgate” and “Facecake”.

AT&T LTE Responsibilies ad Huh?

The “Responsibilities” ad opens to a group of men and women gathered in the office. Everyone has the 4G Blackberry so they can do more faster. The boss tells each person something specific to do like post a YouTube video, update a fantasy team, play a game, check in to Foursquare, and rock out to Pandora. On AT&T the Blackberry Torch moves at the speed of 4G. Click on the image below to play the Responsibilities video.

The “Tailgate National” spot introduces AT&T’s 4G LTE and its blazing fast speeds. It celebrates the possibilities that open up to our two hero tailgaters as they are able to connect at AT&T 4G LTE speed on the first 4G LTE-enabled smartphone from AT&T — the HTC Vivid. Fellow tailgaters approach the main characters, eager to share news about the football game. But with speeds up to 10x faster than 3G, AT&T’s 4G LTE has enabled our two tailgaters to find out everything faster, transforming the “breaking news” into something “so 42 seconds ago.” The spot closes with, “Stay a step ahead with 4G LTE with speeds up to 10x faster than 3G.”

The “Facecake” spot opens on two women in a cafeteria, looking at their AT&T smartphones and commenting on the amazing speed of AT&T’s new 4G LTE network. A man approaches the women to tell them the news of a fellow co-worker leaving. The women already know the news and show him a video of the co-worker’s going away party. Stay a step ahead with AT&T’s 4G LTE with speeds up to 10x faster than 3G. AT&T. Rethink Possible.

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