ATG The Race

ATG, Swedish Horse Racing, has developed The Race, the world’s most emtional online game, in an effort to engage a new younger audience in horse racing. The Race, online at, is a realtime multiplayer game where you compete against up to five other people on the net. Players use their voices, through their built in microphone, to cheer their horses forward. Webcams are used to create an unusual photo finish where people can easily share evidence of their emotional response to the game with others. The design is inspired by the classic/retro Kentucky Derby which could be found at fun fairs in the past.

ATG The Race

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Race was developed at Åkestam Holst, Stockholm, by art directors Björn Gustafsson, Jesper Holst, copywriters Patrick Dry, Mark Ardelius, Anders Byström, digital producer Alex Picha, PR director Martin Cedergren, planner Mikael Grenros, production manager Ikka Norberg, account executive Nico Hasselström, speaker pdhubba, working with ATG marketing team Jörgen Utgren and Leif Öhlund.

Sound was designed and mixed at Plan8. Web design was by From Stockholm with Love.