Aston Martin Reverie

Gentleman Scholar, Whitehouse Post and Carbon worked together to produce “Reverie”, a spec spot for Aston Martin. The commercial, flowing between complete photo reality and CG stylisation to explore the question, “What does a car dream about?”. Beginning with the Aston Martin at dusk with a storm building on a desert horizon to create a feeling of danger and anticipation, ad follows the car’s imaginative journey through the desert, the bridge, the city and the showroom, closing the the Aston Martin tag line, “Power. Beauty. Soul.”

Aston Martin Reverie

Click on the image below to play the Reverie video.


Concept, directing and motion graphics was by Gentleman Scholar, led by William Campbell and Will Johnson.

Editor was Josh Bodnar at Whitehouse Post.

VFX were produced at Carbon VFX by compositor/compositor Kieran Walsh and matte painter Christian Kugler.