Artworks Now Online

Artworks, the art installation run by Glassworks Amsterdam, has launched an online forum, exhibiting artwork from the events held every two to three months in the post production studio. Ghost-writers from Dazed and Confused magazine are providing reviews, interviews and themed literature. the stimulating visuals and delightful website design hosted by ‘wireworks’ containing colourful elements and creative talent to view. It is hoped to add an Artworks store, making it possible to purchase other work and art based products. The most recent Artworks event, held in collaboration with Amsterdam International Fashion Week Down Town AIFW, featured work from Torben Raun, Synove Balabanian, Giulia Pecorari, Peppered Moth, Nathalie Tappin (NAT art & jewellery) and Eden [ ], with music by DJ Cablejuice.

Artowrks Torbenraun

Artowrks Nat

Artowrks Synnove

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