Artline Tweeter 140

Artline in Australia has launched the Tweeter 140, the world’s first Twitter Pen. Head of research and development Jack Davidson describes the pen as a ‘major innovation’ in writing instruments. Promotion for the pen explains how the Tweeter 140 works. A series of accelerometers and a small camera mounted in the barrel track the pen’s movements and translate that into characters. A specially designed 4th generation microchip allows the pen access to your Twitter account, updating it instantly.

Tweeter 140 Pen

Mr Davidson said the new pen has the potential to fundamentally change social networking. “The ability to physically express something in writing then posting it makes the tweeting experience much more tactile and therefore more enjoyable. It’s something people have really been missing.”

For more information on the Tweeter 140 visit, follow the Twitter Pen feed at @tweetpen140, and join up at You’d have to be a fool to miss this!

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