Aqua Maris Nose Cleaning Championship

Aqua Maris, a Russian nasal spray brand, has launched Aqua Maris For-Home, a nose cleaning product containing 30 sea salt bags and a neti pot, with the Aqua Maris World Championship Jala Neti in Amsterdam. Jala Neti is a yoga practice of daily nose cleaning, practised by millions of people around the world. Live coverage of the 5 Litre Men’s Final, won by Fedor Konyukhov of Russia, was put on YouTube. Within 2 weeks the Nose Cleaning Championship video had over 350,000 views on YouTube alone, and over 500,000 its on other video sharing platforms including

Aqua Maris World Nose Cleaning Championship

Click on the image below to play the Aqua Maris Nose Cleaning World Championship video.

Nose Cleaning Championship Credits

The Nose Cleaning Championship campaign concept was developed by Serge Fenenko at Novocortex, Amsterdam, Nadia Zelenkova at Red Graphic, Moscow, JGL/Aqua Maris brand marketing manager Nikolay Zhavoronkov, and Roel Welling and Alain Friedrichs at Wefilm.

Filming was shot by director Alain Friedrichs via We Film, Amsterdam, with director of photography Roel van ’t Hoff, art director Bram van de Ven, producers Bas Welling and Dania Lopies.

Aqua Maris World Championship Nose Cleaning