Animal Beatbox wins at Tropfest 2011

Damon Gameau’s short film “Animal Beatbox” has won the 19th annual Movie Extra Tropfest in Australia, the world’s largest short film festival. The surprise choice features a stop motion clip using cut-out pictures of animals, referencing the 2009 “animal beatbox” YouTube meme and Weebl’s 2003 Badger Flash animation. The beatbox soundtrack, with its “Dogs and Cats” motif, includes the names of many animals, along with a monk and a key (a reference to the Tropfest 2011 theme).

Animal Beatbox Dogs and Cats

What is the true call of the wild? Here we travel down a very special river and are introduced to a wide variety of the animal kingdom who all contribute their name for the sake of music. Click on the image below to play the video.

Animal Beatbox is a branch into animation by Underbelly and Balibo actor Gameau, shot in his mother’s spare room for just $85. Gameau’s Tropfest prize included a trip to LA to meet with agents and film industry executives, a brand new Canon digital video camera valued at $10,499, $5,000 cash, and a trip to Abu Dhabi to judge the first ever Tropfest Arabia.

“Animal Beatbox” was voted in by a jury of film industry personalities, including feature film director Bruce Beresford, singer Olivia Newtown-John, Aussie favourite Jack Thompson, Twilight heartthrob Xavier Samuel, director Stephan Elliott, producer Liz Watts, actor Joseph Fiennes, last year’s Tropfest winner Abe Forsythe and Tropfest founder and director John Polson.

  1. The Applicant, by Tim Dean, WA
  2. Animal Beatbox, Damon Gameau, NSW
  3. Den Sista Galaxonaut, Alexander George & Tyrone Lindqvist, NSW
  4. A Desperate Deed, Matt Bird, NSW
  5. A Family Affair, Craig Anderson, Melinda Cklamovska & Stevo Petkovic, NSW
  6. Flight, Nicholas Verso, VIC
  7. Focus, Ari Kruger, South Africa
  8. The Maestro Adam Anthony, NSW
  9. Missing Her, Michael Wiesler, VIC
  10. Monkeys, Joel Edgerton, NSW
  11. Silencer, Doug Bayne & David Collins, NSW
  12. Things to Do, Dan Jameison & Ana Maria Belo, NSW
  13. Transparency, Melissa Cowan, NSW
  14. The Unspoken, Jason van Genderen, NSW
  15. Y2GAY, Dan Illic & James Pender, NSW
  16. Bird Therapy, Damien Freeleagus, NSW (chosen by popular vote on YouTube).

Click on the image below to play the Badger video.

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