Anchor Cows Celebrate 125 Years

The ladies are getting prepped for the big gala, the cake is decorated and the DJ is getting everyone in the mood, ‘coweoke’ is taking the party by storm as the cows of the dairy gather for an occasion marking 125 years of Anchor Butter. Perfectly personified with a plectra of paraphernalia and timeless history, Anchor Butter celebrates 125 years as the Original Butter Company, Britain’s oldest butter brand. In the new commercial commemorating the anniversary of Anchor Butter, the cows have taken a break from their hard work at the dairy to plan and take part in a big festivity. The commercial is part of the new ad campaign including an interactive Cow-eoke game at and a party online at

Anchor Village Cows

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Anchor Cows campaign was developed at CHI & Partners, London, by creatives Simon Hipwell and Matt Pam, producers Ryan Delehanty and Josh Sanders.

Filming was shot by directing collective StyleWar via Stink with producer Juliet Naylor, director of photography Fredrik Backar. Editor was Paul Hardcastle at Trim.

Visual effects and post production were produced at Glassworks, London, by 3D artists Andy Wilkin and Richard Moss, Flame lead Iain Murray, Flame artist Ruben Llusia, Flame assist team Andy Goodwin, Nina Mosand and Hani Abdalla, colourist Ben Rogers and producer Kirsty Rutherford.