AMP New Mark for a New Era

AMP and AXA in Australia and New Zealand have merged to form the new AMP, a company offering advice, superannuation, personal insurance, retail managed funds and retirement income for Australians and New Zealanders. AMP has introduced a new brand mark, the AMP Spark, to symbolise the new chapter in the company’s history. Named by AMP’s customers, in the face of life’s twists and turns, it represents possibilities – their hopes and dreams. The rebrand has been launched with a graphic 90-second television commercial that takes typography and design to a heightened level of sophistication. The TVC takes viewers on a type driven journey by utilizing a varied palette of design imagery, 2D and 3D graphics, along with hand crafted typography.

AMP Australia's Favourite

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AMP New Mark Credits

The New Mark campaign was developed at Banjo, Sydney, by creatives Georgia Arnott and Sean Larkin, and agency producer Meredyth Judd.

Filming/animation was designed and produced at Resolution Design, Sydney, by creative director Tim Dyroff, executive producer Roy De Giorgio, production coordinator Lily Crowley, typography designers Ant Hayes and Luna Ionescu.

Sound design and music were by Elliot Wheeler at Turning Studios.

AMP Bigger
AMP Busier
AMP Wonder