Amnesty Mugshots

Amnesty International in Portugal (Amnistia Internacional) celebrated its 30th anniversary with a press and poster campaign using real mug shots from the archives of PIDE (Polícia Internacional e de Defesa do Estado), Portugal’s secret services during the years of rule by António de Oliveira Salaza. The campaign, designed by Fuel Lisbon, was inspired by the publication of “Por Teu Livre Pensamento” (For Your Free Thought), a book published in 2007 by Portuguese photographer João Pina and journalist Rui Daniel Galiza, including interviews with ex-political prisoners. The campaign, Carlos, Albertina and Manuel, won a Gold Outdoor Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity. Click on the thumbnails below to see the full posters. “These photos exist thanks to organisations like the Political Police. These ones thanks to organisations like Amnesty International”.

Amnesty International Mugshot Carlos

Amnesty International Mugshot Manuel
Amnesty International Mugshot Manuel


The Mugshots campaign was developed at Fuel, Lisbon, by creative director/copywriter Marcelo Lourenço, creative director/art director Pedro Bexiga, producer Producer, account director Sergio Resende, account manager Joana Gomes Pedro, and photographer João Pina, with material from the Portuguese National Archive.