Alfa Romeo Rorschach Test

Alfa Romeo Israel is promoting the Alfa 159 as the object of desire in “Rorschach”, a television commercial featuring a series of inkblots. Using the tag line, “Live Your Desires”, the ad shows each inkblot transforming into visualised hopes and dreams. The Rorschach test was created by Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach, to detect underlying thinking processes.

Alfa Romeo Rorschach commercial

Click on the image below to play the Rorschach video.

Alfa Romeo Rorschach Credits

The Alfa Romeo Rorschach ad was developed at Drori Shlomi BBDO, Tel Aviv, Israel, by chief creative director Ranen Carmel, creative director Tani Ziper, copywriter Yoad Mick.

Filming was produced by director/designer/VFX artist Doron Koren at Geronimo Post and Design, Tel Aviv.

Sound was designed by Hudi Ben Ari at Soundhouse, Tel Aviv.