Al Noor See Potential Not Disability

The Al Noor Training Centre in Dubai is using the globally recognised disability sign in a creative outdoor advertising campaign raising awareness of the potential of children with special needs. Vinyl stickers turn the disability logo (person in a wheelchair) into magicians, basketball players, singers or chefs, on hundreds of “mini-billboards” across the city.

Al Noor See Potential Chef

Al Noor See Potential Basketball

Click on the image below to play the Al Noor video.


The Al Noor campaign was developed at Y&R Dubai by chief creative officer/creative director Shahir Zag, creative director/copywriter Wilbur D’costa, creative director/art director and illustrator Husen Baba, planner Nadine Ghossoub, agency producer Amin Soltani, account supervisor Uday Desai, account manager George Ninan, working with Al Noor school director Isphana Al-Khatib.