Adopt Your Doggie Double on Yahoo

Yahoo has provided space for a one-day digital ad campaign to promote pet adoptions on behalf of The Shelter Pet Project, a joint venture between The Humane Society of the United States, Maddie’s Fund and the Ad Council. The “Adopt Your Doggie Double” campaign, developed by DDB New York, was the winner of the second annual Create for a Cause contest recognizing the best in digital advertising for public service campaigns. Sponsored by the Ad Council and Yahoo!, the contest rewards the winning campaign with 24 hours of donated media space on the highly trafficked Yahoo! log-in page. DDB’s “Adopt Your Doggie Double” will be live at for 24 hours on Saturday, March 26, starting at 12 AM EDT.

Yahoo Adopt a Doggie Double

The “Adopt Your Doggie Double” campaign ignites user interest in adopting a dog at a local shelter by pairing the user with a pet that closely resembles him or her. Using facial recognition technology to analyse a user’s webcam photo and compare his/her features to those of various breeds, the online campaign matches the user with his/her “doggie double,” and then routes him/her to a engine to locate similar dogs available for adoption in the area.

Yahoo Match Your Mug with A Mutt

“As a dog owner, it breaks my heart to know how many great pets available for adoption never find a loving home,” said Matt Eastwood, Chief Creative Officer of DDB New York. “This is a correctable crisis, and we wanted to help The Shelter Pet Project initiate the adoption process in a fun, engaging way. People always say that dogs look like their owners, so we thought we’d use that idea to find people their perfect pet. Ultimately, who doesn’t want to see the kind of dog they’d be matched with?”

“The ‘Adopt Your Doggie Double’ campaign exemplifies the excellence in digital advertising on behalf of nonprofit organizations and causes today,” said Mollie Spilman, SVP, Global B2B Marketing at Yahoo! “We are proud to be championing this innovative campaign on our log-in page.”

In addition to being showcased on the Yahoo! log-in page on March 26, the creative for the campaign will be viewable at