adidas Winning is Easy

New York director Jason Colvin writes and directs “Winning is Easy”, a spec commercial for the adidas brand. The spot tells the story of a boy who perseveres through physical abuse from an alcoholic father, growing up to be as aspiring Olympian in track and field. His interest in running is sparked by a chance discovery of an abandoned pair of adidas running shoes.

Adidas Winning is Easy commercial

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“Winning and Easy” was written and filmed by director/producer Jason Colvin, New York City, with director of photography Nick Montalvo and editor Aristani Alvarez.

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  • Levon

    Do I get it right that it is a common thing to find a pair of running shoes in forests around the New York?

  • Blackfauns

    You can’t used abused kids to sell products.

    How shallow is that!

  • you’ve got to be kidding me.

    this is the most arrogant, ill-conceived, patronising, nauseating, offensive piece of film I’ve seen in years…

    …and it’s sh*te.

    In fact it’s SOOOOO sh*te I’m beginning to think it’s a spoof film…am I being secretly recorded at the moment!!!???

    This is beneath adidas.

    Someone needs to extract his/her head from you know where.

  • James

    It’s a “spec” short. So basically a short film. Films are allowed to be about anything. This one is about overcoming life’s hurdles and ties it in to the “shoe” that changed his life. It’s actually produced very well. The idea is solid and layered. Nobody said it was by adidas, it’s for adidas. There is a difference. Touching story.

  • Hero

    Ah, nice. Not a single word uttered.

    I saw a few nice touches here. Randell’s Island is an actual track stadium in NYC (raced there myself), but everything else seems like suburb. The shoes he’s wearing is Haile Gebrselassie specific, the greatest marathoner of all time (2:03:59, his current marathon WR), a good metaphor for endurance but it’s not really a shoe for the 110m High Hurdles.

  • Emily

    Is the music from Inception?

    • nadia castelli

      yes, the name is ” time” inception soundtrack by hans zimmer