Adidas All Blacks Stand in Black

Adidas brings together the One Brand Anthem (launched globally in 2010) and the Stand in Black campaign (launched in 2005 for the British Lions and Irish Rugby Tour of NZ), with a new television commercial released for the Rugby World Cup in New Zealand. The ad features the All Blacks in the field against South Africa’s Springboks, and finishes with a collage of images coming together in the shape of the Stand in Black icon. redirects to the All Blacks Facebook page.

Stand in Black

Click on the image below to play the One Brand Anthem video in YouTube


The Stand in Black ad was developed at TBWA\Tequila, Auckland, by executive creative director Andy Blood, creative directors Connan James and Craig Farndale, agency producer Marg Slater, group account director Natasja Barclay and account director Sam Macaulay, working with NZ Rugby Union marketing team Max Van den Doel, Marine Dussere, Sarah Fisher and Megan Compain.

The 2005 Stand in Black campaign was developed by executive creative director Andy Blood, art director Guy Roberts, copywriter Mike Ballantyne, account director Mark Cochrane and account manager Annabelle Meo.

Filming was shot by director Andy Morton via Film Construction with producers Roi Macgregor and Ivan Barge, editor Dan Kircher, online editor producer Richard Betts at DigiPost.

The Stand in Black graphic was produced at Special Problems by art directors/copywriters Beth O’Brien and Tom Darlow.

The 2005 Stand In Black Campaign

In 2005 New Zealand was bracing itself for an invasion of more than 40,000 British Lions’ fans. Affectionately known as the ‘Barmy Army’, and infamously known for their loud, vocal and colourful support. New Zealanders, while fanatical about rugby, are not great ‘supporters’ and needed encouragement. TBWA and Adidas set out to brand New Zealand ‘Black’ with a visual campaign that would dominate the visual landscape of the country. Adidas created ‘Stand in Black’, New Zealand’s largest ever guerilla promotional campaign.

Stand In Black Richie

Stand In Black Fields

Stand In Black Remarkables

Stand In Black Island

Stand In Black Christchurch Cathedral

Stand In Black Invercargill

Stand In Black Wellington

Stand In Black Sky Tower

Stand In Black Te Papa Museum

Stand In Black Wall

Stand In Black City

Stand In Black Bin

Stand In Black Mens

Stand In Black Walkway

Stand In Black Scarf

Stand In Black Posters

Stand In Black Phone Booth

Stand In Black Crossing

Stand In Black Carpark

Stand In Black Adshel

Andy Blood and David Walden talk to Idealog Mag in 2009 about the Adidas All Blacks campaign. Click on the image below to play the video in YouTube

  • bernie

    The stance in the so called haka is not maori, it is the martial art, karate, horse riding stance. I have never seen this stance in old film over the years of maori performing the haka in this stance. The crossed fore arms is also from karate and is not maori.

  • Bernie I’ve performed the haka a few times and the stance shown in the images is used often. It goes with the words “Kia mau, hi” (hands on hips, knees bent).

  • Been Benuane

    They came out with this guff in 2005 during the Lions tour and it got dropped due to people laughing at its lameness.

    So why on earth bring it back? don’t you have a sense of decorum or something? the silhouette looks like a man relieving himself in the bush. Or couldn’t you come up with something cool?

    It was embarrassing enough for NZ the first time around, thanks for making us more of a laughing stock.

  • Raisedbycats

    Can anyone tell me what the music is being played during this advert?

    • The music is an untitled track by “The Mantis”.

  • Cassey

    I think its awesome! Go Richie you the man!!!