A Merry Hunt from Cake

Cake Film, a film production company in the Netherlands, produced “Merry Hunt”, a Christmas greetings video designed for clients and friends in December 2010. A hunter (Dave Luza) walking through a snow-filled forest can’t believe his luck when he spots six deer feeding in a clearing.

A Merry Hunt

Click on the image below to play the video.

Merry Hunt Credits

The Merry Hunt video was produced at Cake Film by writer/director Maurice Trouwborst, director of photography Menno Mans, camera assistant Django de Groot, grip Frans Leiwakabessy and lighting assistant Alexander Grootgeschapen.

Sound design and music were by Niels Den Otter at Audentity. Visual effects were produced by Thaumar Rep at Shosho. Scanning and grading were produced at Condor Post.

No animals were harmed.