100 000 Books Fresheners

Russian bookstore chain 100 000 Books recently took on the decreasing popularity of reading books in Russia with the introduction of Books Fresheners. Planners at advertising agency Voskhod noticed that people are likely to read while sitting on the toilet. If there’s no book there, they’ll read anything at hand, mostly the air fresheners. Voskhod designed air freshener aerosol cans with fragments of world best-sellers printed on them, to be sold in malls, business centers, offices, restaurants and household stores. The 100 000 books-fresheners were sought after, and led to 23 percent growth in visitors to 100 000 bookstores in the month following their release. The campaign won a Grand Prix for direct marketing at the Golden Drum Awards this week.

100000 Books Fresheners

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100000 Books Fresheners


The Books Fresheners campaign was developed at Voskhod, Yekaterinburg, by creative director Andrey Gubaydullin, art director Vladislav Derevyannykh, copywriters Evgeny Primachenko, Aleksandr Parkhomenko, Alexey Nikiforov, and designer Dmitry Maslakov.

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