Zebrafest in Budapest

ACG Hey in Hungary has won Gold for Best of Outdoor Media with “ZebraFest”, a huge project run in Budapest to increase safety on pedestrian crossings. The Zebrafest project was developed in response to complaints from residents about increasing numbers of injuries and deaths of pedestrians in the Budapest Hillside District. Drivers were not taking the pedestrian crossings seriously. The mayor of the district invited local communication agencies to help solve the problem. Rather than threatening, punishing or shocking drivers, it was decided to inspire them by placing zebras on the crossings. In Hungarian “Fest” has two meanings, “to paint”, as well as the foreign meaning of celebration. Life-like zebras were delivered to each school in the area. 3,500 designs were drawn, with each school choosing the best design for its own plastic zebra.

Zebrafest Designs

Zebrafest Designs

Zebrafest Designs

31 painted zebras were placed next to the busiest pedestrian crossings of the district, trying to make drivers and the inhabitants stop, see and admire them. As calling in the inhabitants of the district and the wider public opinion was a very important element of the strategy, as a part of the program, anyone could vote his/her favorite zebra on leaflets and on the website. Local media included vinyls on local buses, tramways and trolley-buses, outdoor posters, balloons on parked cars, car fresheners.

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