YouTube Play Biennial at the Guggenheim

YouTube Play, billed as the first biennial of creative videos, has released its shortlist of 125 videos, selected from more than 23,000 submissions from 91 countries on the YouTube Play channel. The jury, including musician/video artist Laurie Anderson, graphic design guru Stefan Sagmeister, artists Marilyn Minter and Takashi Murakami, will whittle this shortlist down to 20 videos to be shown in kiosks at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York from October 21-24, with simultaneous presentations at the Guggenheim museums in Berlin, Bilbao, and Venice. The Guggenheim exhibition is being sponsored by HP and Intel.

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The shortlisted videos feature wide-ranging submissions from students, video artists, photographers, filmmakers, composers, video game programmers, an American Women’s Chess Champion, a Chilean collector of diecast cars, a Swedish rock band, a South African hip-hop group, and an Australian electronic music producer. Regarding the submissions, Nancy Spector, Deputy Director and Chief Curator of the Guggenheim Foundation, said, “The shortlist presents a rich sampling of the best creative video found on YouTube and is representative of the various stylistic and conceptual genres specific to this broad, ever-expanding platform. The selection is diverse in technique, subject matter, geography, and professional status, which reflects the increasing accessibility of new media technologies around the world. We believe the shortlist reveals the abundance of creative energy this project evoked.”

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The Youtube Play Guggenheim Shortlist of 125

  1. DuppyGhost – Continuum
  2. JMCOOPER02 – Commencer Une Autre Mort
  3. SmartBlueCat – Create Myself
  4. LeorGrady – In Order of Appearance
  5. LhommeOkeurbride – One Day in Creativity
  6. WeareBG – Illegal Drugs
  7. DandyNoel – Contemporary America
  8. JethWeinrich –
  9. Evelienohbeck – Noteboek
  10. Nikkholaas – Built In Obsolescence
  11. Vitality Media – Dogasaur
  12. DarcyPrendergast – Lucky All India Radio/Dee Pee Studios
  13. Birdy Nam Nam – The Parachute Endings
  14. HomoModernus – Tractatus Philosohpicus
  15. ConnectedTheFilm – Yelp (With Apologies to Allen Ginsberg)
  16. Improve Everywhere – Human Mirror
  17. Cwoke – Carpark Kurzfilm/ShortFilm
  18. Rhanzvkeitaro – Screen Action
  19. KO02ANLU – Hollywood Internet
  20. TorlandoHakes – A Hunger Artist
  21. ANMSXII – Home
  22. TurtleDoveTrix – The Sound of One Tree Clapping
  23. Keith Loutit – Bathtub IV
  24. Abkramer89 – Pahom
  25. AleColiverDonovan1 – The Fuschia Fits – An Abbreviated Lexicon of Inverted Gestures
  26. Chris Wonders – The Final Breaths of a Main Character
  27. RamonDP – Save Me
  28. Lathamowen – Myths of My Ancestors ( A Re/Creation Fable)
  29. Squomib – Auspice
  30. Harry8571 – PasFilm 2000
  31. Delsayed – Foods
  32. WowincTokyo – Wow TenSpace
  33. DiceProductions – Don’t Touch
  34. MattYoung037 – The City/D&AD
  35. AXChiz – Frame of Imagination
  36. Russell Higgs – 999Days Russell Higgs Urban Barbarian
  37. SealightLion – Out of Soul (Aus der Seele)
  38. Akinokondoh – Ladybirds’ Requiem
  39. Williemayswitte – Upload Me
  40. JeanBaptisteM – Why Do Things Get In a Muddle?
  41. Stumbleman – Bang Bang Eche – Nikee (HD)
  42. PauliBanks – The Light Pressure of A Thought
  43. AleaBoy – Shanghai Traces
  44. DragosBardac – Life Buoy (2010)
  45. OK Go – This Too Shall Pass – Rube Goldberg Machine Version
  46. TerryTimely1 – Synesthesia
  47. Superugle – The Iron
  48. ThursdayAT3 – Walking Crowd – Alex Delany
  49. Mike Relm – Mike Relm vs Zoetrope
  50. Revenator009 – Epilogue RMusic
  51. Squomb – Auspice
  52. ThisAbortedEarth – The Quest Begins
  53. RomanticChildStudios – Short Film: Mars to Jupiter
  54. Hoepla1001 – Walter a Dialogue with the Imagination
  55. JoaquinoCocina – Luis
  56. PinkyShow – We Love Musuems – Do Museums Love Us Back?
  57. YellowSubStudio – Cat Food the Music Video
  58. NickTPoe – The Powers of Katsu
  59. Schmiddl – Precise Peter
  60. EricHuber – The Huber Experiments Vol 1
  61. MemeRemix – Meme Remix Mix Tape 2009
  62. Waambat – Wonderland Mafia
  63. KristoferStrom – Minilogue – Animals
  64. StewartRidgway – Die Antwoord – Zef Side
  65. WinkyBurger – The River
  66. SverVoor – Cardboard a Cardboard Animation
  67. NickNameh – Tehching Hsieh and Lewitt, Sol by Joshua Bienko
  68. YanniKronenberg – Autumn Story Chalkboard Animation
  69. Kutiman – Thru You 01 Mother of All Funk Chords
  70. Queibraviragazziprod – L’Amante 48 Ore Film Project 2010 Roma
  71. Lashwync – Remake HQ
  72. Otrebon – The Chair Not Taken
  73. HotBananaStud – The Tale of Wendylin Wayne by Brandon Rogers
  74. TADASV – Some of My Dreams
  75. NotToScaleLondon – Birdy Nam Nam The Parachute Endings
  76. Rudigkeit – Nice to Meet You a short film by Marcel Rudigkeit
  77. JoeMcGowan88 – Nigel Short Film
  78. MisterBaxt3r – Birds on the Wires
  79. Polystar – We’re Sorry Your Future is No Longer Available
  80. Deehaim – A Braided Beaded Ball Suit
  81. HighBF3 – Continuous Post Card – Brantley Highfill
  82. StringbergHelium – Stringberg & Helium at the Beach
  83. Viandedeboef – Sounds in the key of Z
  84. ThirdPhaseofMoon – Winner Best Action Hero
  85. Ibkstube – Hard Rain
  86. Dance Animation – Give Peace a Chance
  87. RymedreGlage – 8 Bit Trip
  88. JBOYPEZ – Acornucopia
  89. FavelaGold – Language of Love
  90. JZischke – Self Portrait: Artist as Artist
  91. Smugairle – Digital Therapy
  92. Theantralhead – Ero Machina
  93. Arcing – Wire Animations L “Learning Curve”
  94. Snovision – Whisper by Tommy Wallach
  95. Bwolfley – The Story of an Engine
  96. BrokelynFilmsNYC – Bedstuy Street Interviews
  97. MysteryGuitarMan – Guitar Impossible
  98. Lernerte – Revenge
  99. Mayastocks – A Door Opens
  100. Fagottron – Gardyn
  101. DennisAliu – Sushi Kyle Andrews
  102. Kresling – Seventeen
  103. Nanglee – Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc
  104. MonicaDCook – Deuce
  105. IonoAllen – A Question of Honour
  106. Danielori – Kibble Cat by Daniel Farrera
  107. TellNo1ne – Seaweed
  108. IMetTheWalrus – I Met The Walrus
  109. LisaByrne700 – Taxi III Stand up and cry like a man
  110. HolonLipDub – Self Completion
  111. Christenbach – Bear Untitled D.O. Edit
  112. Totty – Class Trip
  113. MikoMikiYoko – Dreamscape
  114. DMercadante1 – Words
  115. SQosh12 – Post Newtoniansm (War Footage/Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Footage) Josh Bricker
  116. JillianMayer – Scenic Jogging
  117. Fperezpu – Kiko Perez Estudio Mendizabal
  118. PerryBard – Man with a Movie Camera – The Global Remake
  119. Superjenium – Hulachess (2009)
  120. Nizzoh – Bad News a Media Fiction
  121. Pehaboy – Le Syndrome du timide
  122. SBGALT – Sketch Adventure: Gault Aureus The Armada
  123. EsperanzaHung – Viola The Traveling Rooms of a Little Giant
  124. Lostpostservice – Moonwalk
  125. Alex2Bonrepos – The Coincidental Dreamers

The Guggenheim jury are Laurie Anderson, Animal Collective, featuring Deakin (Josh Dibb), Geologist (Brian Weitz), and Panda Bear (Noah Lennox), Darren Aronofsky, Douglas Gordon, Ryan McGinley, Marilyn Minter, Takashi Murakami, Shirin Neshat, Stefan Sagmeister, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, and Nancy Spector, Jury Chair.

Click on the image below to play the Jury video in YouTube

Click on the image below to view the Play video, directed by Johnny Kelly, in YouTube

See more on the Play Biennial Youtube channel and Guggenheim YouTube channel.

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  • specify others

    Call for Video Art Entries
    Submissions end October 20th, 2010 EST.
    SanctionedArray is an online database of video art conceived in response to the restrictions of artists’ submissions to The Guggenheim Museum’s and YouTube’s video biennial, Play ( Artists’ submissions to Play are limited by OFAC sanctions ( – where citizens or residents of Belarus , Cote d’Ivoire , Congo , Cuba , Iran , Iraq , Lebanon , North Korea , Somalia , Sudan , Syria , Myanmar/Burma, and Zimbabwe are not eligible to submit their work. We maintain that the application of these OFAC sanctions to virtual transmissions of video art perpetuates the causes that led to the imposition of them; and we invite those who wish to protest the continuity of such restrictions – artists of any origin, including those from the sanctioned countries – to submit their work to SanctionedArray.

    We hope to showcase the most notable and varied video works from creators anywhere. Submission of virtual entries to SanctionedArray, follow online video formats proposed by YouTube and The Guggenheim, except forEligibility 1.d. ( A large number of invited art professionals shall serve as jurors in SanctionedArray by rating the online entries in a process and open source code created and generously provided to us by Apexart ( One hundred videos will be selected from the online entries to be showcased online. The selection criteria are not predetermined in the call for submissions, and will be calibrated by the jurors in the process of selection.

    SanctionedArray’s selected video entries shall also be launched at the screening event on October 25th and 26th, 2010 at WHITE BOX in New York City . This event shall coincide with the Play biennial at The Guggenheim New York, extending representation of video entries considered not eligible by Origin, by YouTube and The Guggenheim, “challenging a status quo,” as proposed by Nancy Spector, Deputy Director and Chief Curator, The Guggenheim.

    A roundtable on October 26, 2010 starting 7 PM, with esteemed artists, curators, and legal experts will provide an opportunity to discuss terms, conditions, and consequences of both Play and SanctionedArray.

    At SanctionedArray, we look forward to having “everybody play.”

    To submit your work, please go to Submission deadline is October 20th, 2010 EST.

    Conceived and organized by SpecifyOthers in collaboration with WHITE BOX.