YouTube Life in a Day

YouTube is calling on film makers to collaborate in creating the world’s largest user-generated film. The Life In A Day project challenges YouTube members to capture a moment of their lives on film, shot on July 24th 2010. The most compelling, exciting, unusual and distinctive footage submitted will be edited into a documentary helmed by director Kevin Macdonald (Touching the Void and The Last King of Scotland) and executive producer by Ridley Scott. The finished product will premiere at the Sundance Festival in 2011.

YouTube Life in a Day channel

Click on the image below to play the promotional video.

Click on the image below to see Ridley Scott’s angle in YouTube

Macdonald has posted a series of questions for contributors to address: What do you fear most in your life today? What do you love? What makes you laugh? And he is also asking filmmakers to share what’s in their pockets. Click on the image below to see Kevin MacDonald’s inspiration in YouTube

Matthew Herbert, sound designer and composer, is looking for a single clap, a single note sung for as long as possible, breathing in and out, and a favourite sound. Click on the image below to see Matthew Herbert’s approach to soundtrack in YouTube

Joe Walker, editor, wants raw material to work with, without captions. Click on the image below to see Joe’s tips in YouTube

The Life in a Day project is being supported by LG, promoting its ‘Life’s Good When’ proposition. Click on the image below to see LG marketing manager Dermot Boden in YouTube