The Singapore Tourism Board is working with BBH Singapore to promote Singapore as a global tourist destination at, a site that allows visitors to personalize their experience and create a Singapore they love. Launched in March 2010, the campaign replaces the Uniquely Singapore approach and promotes Singapore’s concentration of diverse attractions, all within easy reach, including the buzz of nightlife, delights of high street shopping, or tranquility of tree top walks. In this post we focus on the development of the logo, the site, television, print and out of home advertising campaigns.

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In the same way that Singapore is constantly evolving and future‐facing, so is the logo. Everything is packed within the island outline, suggesting a concentration of attractions. The logo continues to evolve across a myriad of themes, icons, designs, moods and emotions. It is in a constant state of transformation; relentless and dynamic, and in capturing this spirit of personalisation, invites future visitors to come make a Singapore of their own.

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The website mirrors the Singapore experience; with great ease, visitors can browse attractions according to their preferences, customize their itinerary, share it with friends and perhaps even inspire others to come make a Singapore of their own.

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Twelve animated 15 second sequences were developed to fit together as one whole film, along with a custom made film for the launch event and a series of web films, TVCs and Blipverts. Each sequence features an animated theme growing and exploding out of the logo as it unfolds from 2D into 3D origami. Two television commercials, directged by Olivier Gondry, were used to launch globally. The films tell captivating stories of visitors young and old and highlight how no two Singaporean experiences are the same in Singapore.

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Click on the image below to play the behind-the-scenes High Energy video.

The print and out –of‐home campaign establishes a bold playful look, expressing the brand’s new iconic logo as seen through the eyes of visitors. The GSS (Great Singapore Sale) series is a wonderful indication of how the campaign is evolving and adapting alongside Singapore’s dynamic backdrop.

Great Singapore Sale Kids

Great Singapore Sale Women

Great Singapore Sale Men


The Your campaign was developed at BBH Asia Pacific, Singapore, by executive creative director Steve Elrick, creative directors Shawn Loo and Noel Yeo, art directors Adrian Chan and Evonne Ng, copywriters Elena Fletcher and Douglas Hamilton, designers Tomaz Goh and Edward Ng (Brand Identity), agency producer Kristin Armstrong, print producers Michelle Tan, Lesley Chelvan and D’or Tey, account director Richard Powell, account team Mike See and Lesley-Anne John, Jonathan Kang and Rebecca Souw, planner Fredrik Sarnblad, account director Richard Powell, digital producer Amy Wong. Living logo design was produced at The Mill.

Agency XM Asia worked with BBH on the development of the site.

Filming for the television commercials was shot by director Oliver Gondry via Partizan, London, with post production done at The Mill, London, by editor Daniel Budin, executive producer Luke Colson, 3D supervisor Dan Adams.

Your Logo board

Your Logo board

Your Logo board

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