Young Director Award Born to Create Drama

The Young Director Award, held during the Cannes International Advertising Festival, is being promoted with the tag line, “Born to Create Drama”. The Awards, sponsored by CFPE (Commercial Film Producers of Europe), and Shots, have received a boost this week with the 2010 promotional video, “Drama Queen”, winning a Grand Prix and Gold at the Golden Hammer this week. A police officer stops a woman for speeding but discovers that the stakes are much higher, thanks to the young girl in the back seat.

Drama Queen

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The Drama Queen spot was developed at TBWA\Helsinki by art director Minna Lavola and copywriter Mira Olsson, who have been involved with the YDA since it was founded . It means they’ve really got to watch the awards grow and have developed a real passion for supporting young directing talent. “We started out with a concept ‘Natural born directors’ ten years ago and decided to evolve it a bit last year to give it a bit more edge,” they explain of the subversive, deadpan film. “The inspiration for the creative comes from the idea that everything one creates comes from observing life around you and some are clearly born with that need.”

Filming was shot by director Rogier Hesp via L-A-D-A, Amsterdam and Caviar Amsterdam, with director of photography Steve Walker, executive producer Jacques Vereekcen and producer Karen Bruinsma. Hesp, who was shortlisted in the 2009 Young Director Award, had a clear idea about his vision for the script. “I really like the work of UK filmmakers Ken Loach and Shane Meadows. They also inspired me for this commercial. The main thing that attracts me in their movies is that I love how they work with actors who feel real and authentic. You can almost smell them and their environment. Their reliability makes the drama better,” he explains.

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Young Directors Women print advertisement

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