Xerox Ready for Real Business

Xerox Corporation is launching a new advertising campaign featuring the company’s partnership with iconic brands with business process and document management, freeing them to focus on what matters most, their real business. Can you imagine Procter & Gamble’s powerful Mr. Clean digitizing millions of documents while also cleaning; or a Marriott Hotels & Resorts’ bellman providing exceptional guest services and processing invoices at the same time? Don’t you think Bullseye the Target dog could use a hand customizing Target’s direct-mail program?

Xerox Target print advertisement

The campaign begins to broadcast the breadth of Xerox’s portfolio with heavy-weight television, print and digital media buys and by incorporating high-tech interactive billboards that use motion-sensing and touch-screen technologies. The dynamic campaign website, live on Sept. 7, integrates customer testimonials and offerings, from IT outsourcing to finance and accounting, document management and human resources support.

“We’re fortunate to have great client partners who worked side-by-side with us in showing how their businesses benefit when Xerox is doing what we do best. Along with the innovative use of brand characters, we’re cutting through the clutter with innovative media, like interactive billboards, and attention-grabbing digital units,” said Christa Carone, chief marketing officer, Xerox. “It’s all about communicating the new Xerox in fresh and engaging ways to disrupt legacy perceptions of the Xerox brand, and turn up the volume on the breadth and depth of our services and technology.”

Xerox Marriott Hotels print advertisement

Click on the image below to play the Marriott Hotels video.

Xerox P and G print advertisement

In addition to Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Target and Procter & Gamble, Xerox’s Real Business campaign spotlights its work with The New York Mets, Ducati and the University of Notre Dame, with more brands to come. The goal: show how Xerox is not only a leader in document technology, but also in business process services.

Click on the image below to play the New York Mets video.

Xerox Ducati print advertisement

Click on the image below to play the Ducati video.

Print, television, Web and airport advertising kick off in the U.S. on September 7 and in Europe later this year, and are complemented with a rich multimedia experience at The website, scheduled to go “live” on Sept. 7, showcases examples of Xerox helping clients get back to real business.


The global campaign was an integrated initiative, created by Xerox’s global advertising partner Young & Rubicam, with the digital units and campaign website experience developed by VML. MEC, Xerox’s global media agency of record, provided all media strategy, planning and buying.

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