XBox Halo: Reach Birth of a Spartan

Halo: Reach, the next Halo game to be released later in 2010, is being promoted with “Birth of a Spartan”, a television commercial featuring Carter 259 as his body is prepared for his future role as leader of the Spartans (Noble Team). We follow Carter from moment he wakes up in the morning, to his space flight to the orbital medical facility, through the actual procedures, and finally culminating in his dramatic realization of his transformation at the end of the film. Players will control Noble 6, another member of the elite supersolider squad continuing the human war with the alien Covenant.

XBox Halo: Reach Birth of a Spartan

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Birth of a Spartan was developed at AgencyTwoFifteen by executive creative director Scott Duchon and John Patroulis, art director Ben Wolan, copywriter Joe Rose, agency executive producer Hannah Murray, agency producer Alex Spahr.

Filming was shot by director Noam Murro via Biscuit Filmworks with line producer Jay Veal, director of photography Simon Duggan, production designer John Beard, senior executive producer Shawn Lacy, executive producer Colleen O’Donnell.

Editor was Avi Oron via Bikini Edit, with executive producer Gina Pagano, assistant editor Gustavo Roman.

Visual effects were produced at Animal Logic. Telecine was by Beau Leon at New Hat.

Original music was by Human Worldwide. Sound was designed by Brian Emrich at Trinitite Studios and mixed by Rohan Young at Lime Studios.

Title animation/graphics was produced by Roger.