WWF Space Monkey Returns

Australian musician Ben Lee has launched the music video for his new single Song For the Divine Mother of the Universe, in collaboration with WWF Australia and Leo Burnett Sydney. The music video has been created to highlight the devastating impact the human race could have on the planet, unless a more meaningful, healthier and sustainable way of life is adopted to help preserve its future. The video follows the emotional journey of a chimpanzee launched into space as part of a space exploration program. In a dramatic twist, the chimp returns to Earth after floating in space for 65 years. Sadly, the Earth he returns to is nothing like the one he left. See more on the campaign online at The Monkey Returns.

Space Monkey Returning Home

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Ben Lee, a passionate environmentalist, sees the project as a unique opportunity to help promote an issue close to his heart.

“I really wanted to convey the message that we only have one planet and it deserves a future. For me, it was important to create an emotional story that struck a chord. Hopefully people watching are made to consider the potential consequences of their actions on the planet. Because we are presented with a scenario set in the future, the message is ultimately one of hope, promoting the fact we actually have a chance to make a difference, but must act today and live for one planet.”

Space Monkey Returning Home


The Monkey Returns campaign was developed at Leo Burnett Sydney by executive creative directors Andy DiLallo and Jay Benjamin, copywriter Michael Canning, art director Kieran Antill, executive producer Adrian Shapiro, account managers Paul Everson and Jodi McLeod.

Leo Burnett Creative Director Andy DiLallo said: “The idea of a chimpanzee returning to Earth after 65 years lost in space is definitely not what you expect as part of an environmental message. The right music was crucial to capture the emotion we needed, which is where Ben Lee was perfect in helping bring the story to life. It’s a story that by nature is very cinematic, so it was a strong fit for both a music video and longer format film.”

Leo Burnett’s creative team Michael Canning and Kieran Antill said the company wanted to create the ‘Space Monkey’ music video to try to begin to change the way people think about the environment. “Terms like ‘sustainability’ and ‘planet’ can sound a bit scientific and impersonal respectively, so we wanted to re-define the issue in a way that struck an emotional chord with people instead.”

Filming was shot by director Steve Rogers via Revolver, Sydney, with executive producer Michael Ritchie, producer Georgina Wilson, director of photography Mandy Walker, production designer Steven Jones-Evans, costume designer Margot Wilson, with prosthetics by Odd Studio,Sydney, and set construction by Studio Kite, Sydney.

Editor was Jack Hutchings at The Butchery. Sound was designed by Paul Taylor at Sound Reservoir. Post production was done at Animal Logic.

Photography is by Nick Williams.