Word Depot

Fondation pour l’alphabétisation (Literary Foundation of Quebec) in Montreal, Canada, has used its 20th anniversary to promote literacy and raising funds with Mots Dépôt (Word Depot). The integrated campaign sells words to people who can read to support literacy programs for those who can’t. People choose their favourite words and buy them from one of many tools online, in person or at special events, with the opportunity to gift them to others. An online store, Mots Dépôt.com (Word Depot.com), offered over 10,000 words for sale.

Mots Depot site

A word vending machine was placed in a busy mall. Classified and wild OOH postings were placed throughout the province. The word “Application” was sold on iTunes as an iPhone application.

Mots Depot machine with Marie France Bazzo

High profile Canadians bought words. The Minister of Education offers the guarantee of success and perseverance for the future. More than 7,000 words were sold, some for as much as $500, a record fundraising campaign for this foundation.


The Word Depot campaign was developed at bleublancrouge, Montreal, by creative director Gaëtan Namouric, art directors Frédéric Roux, Laurent Salles, copywriter Maxime Paiement, senior account manager Carol Jungpeter, account manager Marie-Andrée Mackrous, executive producer Lisa Arduini, line producer Marie-Noëlle Turcotte, producer Annie-Luce Hynes.

The web site was produced at Enfant Terrible. Web banners were produced at Laboratoire créatif Five. Sound and music were produced at Audioz.

Photography by Gunther Gamper.