Women and Co Group Portraits

Women & Co, a division of Citi, has launched a print and digital campaign portraying the collective economic power of ordinary women, presenting the inspiring and personal financial stories of real members of Women and Co. The members are artfully photographed in group portraits, displaying the range in age and ethnicity of this diverse community of intellectually and financially curious women. The online campaign presents the unique financial goals and experiences of each woman in a video narrative.

Women and Co Balance

Women and Co Runs
Women and Co Learning More
Women and Co Shes
Women and Co Site


The Women and Co campaign was developed at marketing-to-women agency Womenkind.

“Women are increasingly using their growing economic power to benefit their families, businesses, communities and the world,” said Kristi Faulkner President, Womenkind.

“Women live longer, spend more years in retirement, and are more likely to interrupt their careers to tend to families, which has a tremendous impact on the financial decisions they make” said Sandy Sabean, Chief Creative Officer, Womenkind. “Through this campaign, we wanted to give women a voice, a face, and the recognition they deserve from the financial community.”

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