Wisconsin Cheese Outdo Ordinary

The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board is running a print advertising campaign featuring its award-winning cheeses, following on from its 2009 campaign with the tag line, “Outdo Ordinary”. Bold, graphic imagery of the company’s most desirable cheeses, with simple headlines, such as “Spoil your tongue” and “Make a cracker smile”, are appearing in food and lifestyle publications including Saveur, Fine Cooking, and Food & Wine. The print series is supplemented with an interactive campaign, cheesecupid.com, which helps site visitors to match wine and cheese and provides a free iPhone app.

Wisconsin Cheese Blue Cheddar

Wisconsin Cheese Gouda

Wisconsin Cheese Gruyere

Wisconsin Cheese Cheddar


Wisconsin Cheese advertising is developed at Shine, Madiscon, Wisconsin.

“Simply delicious,” said Mike Kriefski, creative director at Shine. “That has been our two-word creative brief since winning this business back in 2008. This campaign continues to show Wisconsin Cheese for what it is – beautiful and unique, delicious and desirable.”

The 2009 Campaign

Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese 2009

Wisconsin Blue Cheese 2009

Wisconsin Swiss Cheese 2009

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