Whoopi Goldberg with Poise

Whoopi Goldberg has been appearing in a print and television advertising campaign for Poise, the adult diapers produced by Kimberly-Clark. Goldberg plays the parts of several historical and mythical women, suggesting that light bladder leakage may have been a problem for Mona Lisa, the Statue of Liberty, the Princess and the Pea, Eve, Joan of Arc, Lady Godiva, Helen of Troy, Cleopatra, Helen of Troy. Read on to see the full set, including the montage version showed during the 2010 Oscars on ABC, then check out the site at www.1in3likeme.com.

Poise Cleopatra advertisement

Click on the image below to play the Montage video.


The Poise campaign was filmed and photographed by director Timothy White via Stockland Martel.

Poise Helen of Troy advertisement
Poise Whoopi advertisements