Whiskas Jumpy Cat

Whiskas cat food was recently given a push in the UK with “Jumpy”, a television commercial featuring one very agile cat. A chap stands on his balcony throwing Whiskas Temptations to his pet cat who’s jumping up from the ground below. He’s keen to demonstrate the new trick to his partner, but she’s hardly impressed. “Cats will do anything for the irresistable taste of Whiskas Temptations”. The ad invites viewers to text “Sample” to 88080.

Whiskas Jumpy cat

Click on the image below to play the video.


The Jumpy Cat ad was developed at TBWA, London, by art directors Martin McAlister and Theo Bayani, agency producer Sophie Jones.

Filming was shot by director Henry Littlechild via Outsider with producer Ben Roberts and editor Matt Chodan.

Post production was done at Rushes, London, by producer Alison Wendt, VFX supervisor Martin Goodwin and colorist/grader Simone Grattarola.

No animals were harmed in the making of this commercial. Martin Goodwin who led the VFX work comments.

“Getting the cats to jump two stories high was going to be tricky. Unsurprisingly they weren’t too keen! We got around this by shooting them on green screen in the studio. By getting the cats to do each part of a jump in sections, jumping up to a high level, filming a jump across two raised platforms and then jumping down from a high point, we were able to capture the optimum distance in each section. Then piecing all these elements together in flame allowed us complete control over the height, distance and speed of jump.”

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