Whiskas Cat Network in Slow Motion

Whiskas has launched a set of slow motion videos of cats licking, pouncing, drinking and cleaning, designed to attract cat enthusiasts to Canada’s new online cat networking community, a 24/7 source of news, information, advice and entertainment at www.whiskas.ca. The site features cat photography and video, connected with Flickr and YouTube.

Whiskas Cat Licking

Click on the image below to play the Drinking video.

Click on the image below to play the Leaping video.

Click on the image below to play the Pouncing video.


The Cat Network site was developed at Proximity Canada, Toronto, by creative director John Gagne, associate creative director/copywriter Dave Stevenson, copywriter Justin Olding, art director Jeffrey Da Silva and Mark Rawlinson, project manager Joanne Sincich, Flash developer Quy Ngo, account manager Simonne Darby. Tech work was done at Edentity Web Systems Inc.

Filming was shot by director Craig Goodwill via Culture Creative and Co with executive producer Sophia Peckan, director of photography Henry Sansom.

Music for Pouncing Cat is “Earthship” by Jonathan Geer. Music for Drinking Cat is “Behind the World” by Andreas Lutz. Music for Leaping Cat is “Revelation” by Jorn Lavoll. Music for Cleaning Cat is “Natural Impulse” by Lynne Music.

Whiskas Cat Network site