We Quit Smoking on Facebook

UK charity No Smoking Day has launched WeQuit, an application available at www.WeQuit.co.uk/facebook, allowing users to create rewards for success, forfeits for failure, or even try and raise money for charity with a sponsored quit. However people choose to motivate the attempt, WeQuit uses the power of Facebook to help make quitting fun.

No Smoking Day We Quit Facebook App

Surveys show that over 2 million smokers are ready to stub it out for good on No Smoking Day, Wednesday March 10th 2010. Quitting is never easy, but with friends around to help you through the toughest times, staving off the cravings needn’t be a nightmare. We might like to deny it, but we’re all a bit conscious about how we look on Facebook, which is what makes WeQuit such an effective aid: Choose a challenge, tell your friends, then stick to it!

Quitting smoking can often feel like a negative action, and with this in mind the emphasis was to create something that makes giving up smoking fun. Below is a list of some of things WeQuit can do:

Choose a length ­– Giving up smoking forever can be a daunting thought, so with WeQuit you choose the length of the challenge, whether it be a week, a month, or even just a day.

Challenge your friends – You don’t have to be a smoker to use WeQuit, you just have to know one. Encourage someone you know to ditch the habit by enticing them with a personalized challenge.

Bet you can’t – Motivate your mates with some light competition, with rewards for success, or forfeits for failure!

Quit for good – Perfect for spurring on an ethically-minded friend, you can sponsor a quit by pledging to give money to charity if they succeed.

Head to Head – Go up against a mate to see who can quit the longest, spicing it up with a reward for the winner (or a forfeit for the loser…)

Get involved – Keep friends on track with encouraging comments (or a nudge for that cheeky Friday night fag) by posting photos and comments onto their Wall of Fame and Shame.

Track your progress – Unlock secret medals, see how your friends are getting on, and share your WeQuit challenge progress with your mates.

Duncan Bannatyne OBE, President of No Smoking Day, commented: “We feel that quitting is a challenge that should be inspiring and enjoyable rather than a chore, and it’s this attitude that makes WeQuit unique.”

Check out the application now at www.quitclub.co.uk/facebook. Choose your challenge, get your friends involved, and get ready for March 10th, when No Smoking Day 2010 kicks off and the WeQuit Challenge officially begins.

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